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See our Tenants guide to renting and the steps we take to help you find the right property.

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DSS Tenants


View our residential lettings, there you will find a number of properties that are available to both Private and DSS tenants. We work with a number of landlords in Nottingham and have one of the largest number of private properties available to DSS tenants. As you can imagine these properties get snapped up quickly. If you can't see any suitable properties right now, register for property alerts and you will be informed when something suitable comes on market.

Zoom Lettings will help you complete the complex housing benefit claim forms and advise on housing benefit allowance rates. Give us a call if you need any further assistance. 

Click Here For Zoom Social & DSS Properties

 What to expect from Zoom Lettings

* Regular inspections

* Help in setting up a bank account if required to make direct payments to landlords

* Help completing a housing benefit claim form

* Acceptance of housing aid bond scheme

* Professional service

* Quality inspected properties

* Largest number of Private Landlords that Accept DSS Housing Benefit Tenants in Nottingham